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And because a post isn’t fun without a photo – here we are being goofy. As usual. 🙂


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Rebeccah & Josh

A little rain wasn’t going to stop us. Nope. No way. It was fairly mild weather for a February engagement shoot – it would’ve been sweet to get snow instead of rain. But whatev’. We made it happen! 🙂 Beccah and Josh will be getting married this coming September – and it’s going to be so great! They’re having the reception at Beccah’s aunt’s house (in a beautiful old home in the Irvington neighborhood of Indianapolis). It’s going to be sweet, intimate, and so unique to them. These two are so laid back and they certainly know how to make each other laugh (which always makes me smile BIG smiles!).

Katie’s favorite.One moment, two perspectives. Brandon’s view…Katie’s view…

Snuggle it in! 🙂Love the colors in this…We couldn’t pass up an opportunity to meet their dogs, Bear and Bugsy. We LOVE dogs!


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Lani, Drew, & Baby Girl

Lani and Drew have been married for a couple of years and are now anticipating the arrival of their first child! We were so excited when Lani contacted us for this was our first maternity shoot! Lani and Drew were so great. They welcomed us into their home and we just had a great time getting to know them better – we talked about dogs, Starbucks, curling, traveling to Ireland (that’s where he proposed!), Alaskan cruises….we could’ve just spent the entire day talking with them! This little baby girl has some great parents that love her – but I’m sure she’s already picked up on that! 😉

We showed up and Lani had this adorable dress on…so dang cute!Drew loves Lani and this baby girl so much – it’s so sweet!

And this is Carter. He is such a great dog! We couldn’t leave him out of the photos!

Love that baby belly!! 🙂

What a happy Mama… 🙂

Katie’s favorite!

Brandon’s favorite!Lani, you are gorgeous!


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Teresa, Mason, & Cohen

Meet Cohen. Cohen is 12 weeks old, has some rockin’ hair, and has two parents that absolutely adore him! Teresa heard of us through our fabulous friend, Jenny (who is incredibly talented at making cakes…but that’s beside the point). Teresa and Mason welcomed us into their fabulously decorated home in Brownsburg. I mean, I loved the furniture, the color schemes, pretty much their whole style. I dug it. 😉 Cohen spent the better part of our time together figuring us out. He warmed up to us nicely, but you can just tell he’s a thinker!

Look at this sweet face! Katie’s favorite!Brandon’s favorite!

“Just kickin’ back – it’s what I do.”

Love this moment between father and son. So sweet!I love the moment when babies realize they should just give in to sleep – they know they’re tired, but just keep fighting it. Don’t fight it. Just relaaaax. 🙂


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100+ lb. Puppies

I realized that it’s been quite a while since I’ve posted some photos of our puppies – most people say I can’t call them puppies anymore, but look at dat wittle faaaace….those are puppy faces! Never mind the 100+ lbs behind the faces! 🙂 Haha! The first two photos are of Bella and the second two photos are Beau. They are Bernese Mountain dogs and are about a year and half old. One of my favorite things about them is how they just want to be where we are – Brandon and I have been working some late nights recently, and we have quite a small office, but they curl up right at our feet while we work – so we’ve got the whole family crammed into the smallest room in our house! Needless to say, there’s a lot of love in our home. And I just wanted to share with you two of our loves…


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Aspen? MMmmm, California. Beautiful.

Nope. We didn’t go to Aspen – but we did go to Beaver Creek Ski Resort in Colorado. I just love to quote “Dumb and Dumber” when I can. 🙂 Each winter, we try to get away for a ski trip – and this is our third year going to Beaver Creek. We always go with a big group of people and have sooo much fun. Our group’s ski abilities range from expert to not-so-expert (myself being the latter). I typically stick with the green runs and attempt a few blue runs, but then go back to green runs. I just like to coast through the gorgeous landscape instead of haulin’ it down the mountain. Brandon is more of a blue-run kinda’ guy – what’s funny about him though is that he does really well going down the mountain, but then will fall while getting in line at the lift, or while just standing there! 🙂 Haha! He definitely makes everyone laugh with his coordination. 🙂 LOVE YOU BABY!

My older sis, Kelly, and I shared her point and shoot camera on this trip – because believe it or not, Brandon and I don’t have one! And it makes me nervous to think about taking our big camera up the mountain while on skis. So here are a few photos from our trip out to Colorado…We flew into Denver nice and early – so we had some extra time to take the Coors Brewing Tour (which was FREE and included 3 sample beers – what a deal!). Check out these copper kettles (you can get an idea of the size of these things by noticing the worker-man walking in the lower left-hand corner).

The sample room. Here’s Jonathon and Trent (our nephew and bro-in-law) cheers-ing it up (with Root Beer and Beer Beer). 🙂This cutie-pie is Jackie – Jonathon’s little brother.

Kelly took this photo and I love it! At the end of the ski day, Trent would come back to the condo and take Jonathon out to play in the snow to burn off some energy (since he’s not quite old enough for his own skis).

Here’s Kelly and Brandon.Kelly and me!This is how Kelly and I would find Brandon on the side of the slope waiting for us since he gets down the mountain faster than we do…Here’s a glimpse of Brandon’s awesome-ness. He attempted to go up and around the bush on the embankment – instead, he went up too far, then came tumbling backwards into the bush. I saw it happen in slow-mo. No injuries, just plenty of laughter! 🙂

Thanks so much for checking out our vacation. We certainly had a blast! If there are any skiiers out there that have recommendations on where to go next year, we’re up for trying new places! Or just leave a comment below and let us know about your fun ski stories!


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Lauren & Andrew

Lauren and Andrew had a beautiful January wedding. Leave it to Indiana weather to have a high of 48 degrees at the end of January! Lauren said that her grandmother was married the same time of year and had the exact same conditions….crazy, huh? Their day ran so smoothly – no stress, no delays – just a day full of love and laughter!

Isn’t she stunning?!

Brandon’s favorite.

I think Andrew would want me to point out that it only took him one try to get his tie just right! 🙂

What handsome lookin’ fellas…

Katie’s favorite(s).

Absolutely love this photo. The first time Lauren’s dad got to see her before the ceremony…

The ceremony was at the beautiful Sacred Heart church of Indianapolis.

This group was sooo much fun. Can you tell?! 😉

These two are so cute together – totally comfortable with each other. It just makes me smile!

The reception was at the Mavris Arts and Events Center (it was amazing to go back there – that’s where Brandon and I had our wedding and reception). Check out these centerpieces. LOVE IT!

There were some beautiful, loving words shared for the happy couple – even a rendition of “Kiss the Girl”! 😉

Lauren’s dad – bustin’ a move! 🙂

The Band, Etc. performed all evening long – they were fantastic! Brides, if you want live music, check them out!

To Lauren and Andrew – thank you for including us in such an amazing day! You two were an absolute blast to work with! We hope you had an amazing time in St. Lucia – and I know you don’t want to hear it, but welcome back to the now frigid-cold Indiana weather! 😉


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